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Customer Success

Our clients’ carbon impact is immediate, yet our support extends beyond the tons. We’re here to bolster their sustainability efforts, guide them through the logistics, and champion their progress to everyone from customers to stakeholders.


Any real shot at mitigating climate change requires mature carbon dioxide removal strategies in place by 2050. That means we need to take action now – and that’s why we identify and stimulate the most promising projects in the world today.


Climate change is a data problem. We write the code that aims to remedy that problem – for our clients, for their customers, and for the planet – as elegantly, practically, and efficiently as we can.


We bring solutions to forward-thinking organizations that need carbon programs they can stand behind. The Climate Vault model is one we believe in, with the power to improve businesses in diverse industries while taking on climate change in a verifiable way.


We understand climate change as the defining problem of our time. Addressing it requires us to think differently. We create new ways to engage organizations in reducing and removing carbon footprints, making the global personal and the personal universal.


We’re here to support our clients' messaging and drive carbon awareness and action. Through brand storytelling, social media, and live & digital events, we create educational opportunities around the carbon landscape, engaging different audiences in making a positive and credible impact on the planet.


Methodological rigor sits at the core of the entire Climate Vault model. Our research practices bring our clients greater credibility in their carbon actions, and we continually develop more thorough ways of understanding their climate realities.


We drive the internal systems at Climate Vault so all our teams can contribute at their most creative and most powerful. We equip them to keep doing work that matters – for your organization, and for the world.


Advancing environmental sustainability requires strong organizational sustainability. We’re here to support & enable our organization’s investments in its people, enabling our clients to benefit from the Climate Vault teams at their best.


Creating change in the world starts by building a strong internal core. We foster the dynamic and inclusive environment here at Climate Vault, developing talented teams and supporting them in their lives & careers.

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