Calculate and offset the carbon footprint of your holiday events with our Event Emissions Calculator

Business is complex. Carbon solutions should be simple.

We get it: you have enough to worry about, without worrying about footprints. We’ve got you covered with comprehensive and integrated CO2 solutions that extend beyond the tons — so you can stay focused on doing good business

Reduction & removal

Precision impact by the metric ton.

Climate action is a lot like business: you need to know where you stand. You deserve confidence at any scale, from taking on your entire operational footprint to reducing emissions one order at a time. Climate Vault’s use of regulated compliance markets means you’ll make a quantifiable, verifiable impact on atmospheric carbon – with the auditable assurance that a ton is a ton.


Proof for the people who matter.

Who are you accountable to? Your most important stakeholders want to see the verifiable steps you’ve taken. Whether you’re compiling annual reports, submitting to a regulatory body, or wooing investors, Climate Vault makes your carbon reporting a cinch. Our Reporting capability is designed to quantify and demonstrate your carbon impact – and the actions you take.

Ecommerce integration

Automatic customization for your customers.

Online shopping is convenient for your customers; you can make it sustainable for them, too. Climate Vault’s Emission Calculation & Management capability determines the emissions generated by shipping for every order placed, no matter where it’s going or how it’s getting there.

We add in product-specific footprints for a precise emission calculation, tailored to each one of your customers.

Ecommerce integration

Real-time pricing for your real-time sales.

Carbon pricing is dynamic, but that shouldn’t leave you guessing. Climate Vault’s Quote and Order capability enables you to quote real-time prices for any quantity of emission allowances, so your customers can reduce the carbon from their orders accurately and effortlessly – making them feel good about working with you.

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